It is a nucleonic gauge measuring system based on Digital Solid State technology. The unique technology uses a very low radiation source, rugged gauge measuring head mounted on a traversing C-Frame which can be pneumatically or motorized driven across the strip width having provision for speed selection.

The thickness measuring head is directly interfaced with a special video monitor which is user friendly providing immediate warning visual alarm and storing statistical data's for off-line quality control analysis.

The pay back period is generally within a year by means of raw material saving, increased production, faster startup, savings on scrap etc., apart from manufacturing quality product.
Gauge Master -1500


  • Supports 50 physical and derived gauges.
  • Multiple free format windows.
  • Full reporting package.
  • Accepts / generates analog and digital I/O.
  • Complete calibration and recipe support including reporting to meet ISO 9000 requirements.
  • Has received very favorable shop floor response..
  • Gauging Indication.
  • Instantaneous variation Indication.
  • Warning / low alarm.
  • % deviation.

A 80 column printer can be attached to the system which automatically generates reports.



Detector Compact size - 175mm x 60mm x 35mm.
Source Low radiation - 500 mcr. (Kr-85 / Sr-90 / Am-241).
Digital Detection Min. 10m sec. / reading.
Response Time 50m.sec to 1 sec.
Video display Colored Video Screen 14"
Keyboard Feather touch for recipe selection.
Recipe Upto 1000 recipe and storage.
Output ( Optional ) Gauge deviation output 5V or 10V.
Alarm 2 relay contact for warning and over range.
Power supply 230 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz.
Ambient Temperature 65C for gauge head / 45C for monitor unit.