Spradecom provides wide range of sensors to the Paper Industries for measurement of basis weight, moisture, caliper, ash etc. as an option preferred by them. 

Basis Weight
The Basis Weight Sensor uses Krypton, Promethium or Strontium sources as per the application. It is an intrinsically stable sensor with negligible drifts & auto calibration.

Moisture Sensor
The moisture sensor measurement is infrared based on optical method by reflection / transmission to supervise moisture level. The measurement is not influenced by ambient light or underground reflection.
Caliper Sensor
The Caliper Sensor is rugged, accurate and very fast responding. It is a unique non-contact optical laser sensor for continuous measurement of paper thickness.

Smart Gauge -3000

Computer Control Console ( CD PROFILE )

Gauge Master-1200 uses unique computer workstation and its industrially proven components for gauge viewing and control. It incorporates a rugged workstation with feather touch key-board. Industrial I/O interface units having unique expansion facility. The Gauge Master-1200 console can be easily interfaced with various inputs such as temperature, speed, melt pressure and many more machine parameters. It can accept signals in terms of voltage, current, frequency using suitable module.
     Smart Gauge-3000 Computer Console


The scanning 'O' frame is customized to operate as per the industry requirement and withstand the harsh environment of the process industries. The scanners are made of solid metal and are driven by a servo motor, timing belt and linear bearings on the guide rails and mounted with the sensors which are easy to install.


        Remote Gauge View-14 -->Picture1      Remote Gauge View-14-->Picture2
GAUGE VIEW 14 is a remote video color screen which can be mounted on a stand or a dust-proof enclosure for easy gauge viewing as seen on console screen. The GAUGE VIEW 14 has feather touch keys to select production recipes and operation mode i.e. Auto / Manual. Even the quality roll/batch reports can be generated any time by simply pressing a print-key on the unit.


Real Time Gauging Software
  • Supports 60 physical and derived gauges .
  • Multiple free format windows .
  • Full reporting package .
  • Complete calibration and recipe support, including reporting to meet ISO9000 requirements.
  • Instantaneous variation Indication .  
  • Warning high / low alarm.

A 80 column printer can be attached to the system which automatically generates reports upon completion of roll.

All the reports can be recorded on floppy diskette and can be taken to other PC for analysis.



Spradecom auto gauging control system generates user-friendly report such as 

  • X bar SPC chart.
  • Range chart.
  • X bar histogram.
  • Gauge Summary Statistics.
  • SPC Summary Statistics.
  • % deviation chart.
  • Reports of gauge set point mean std deviation min & max variation with respect to set point v/s deviation range.
  • A standard printer can be attached to the system which automatically generates upon completion of roll.

Note : We also undertake retrofitting / modernization of any make gauging system.



  • Basis Weight.
  • Moisture.
  • Caliper (Thickness).
  • Coating.
  • Ash.
  • Gloss.
  • Surface Quality.


  • Training to all levels in the plant.
  • Prompt service within 48 hrs.
  • Hardware backup at our end.
  • Low cost service back-up after warranty.
  • No inventory for service back-up.


The above image of paper industry is the main area of application where this product has been installed worldwide and widely accepted by this industry.

The above image shows the installation of our product in Paper-industry.