This is an instrument to measure the pressure exerted by the material during its movement in a process. The indicator incorporates a dual alarm indication for the lower set point and upper set point. The indicator latches on to the upper limit or lower limit alarm conditions, until reset by the operator. This helps in finding out that the pressure had  crossed the limit and then returned to normal condition.


Multi Pressure Indicator- 200



  • Digital Pressure indication in BAR.
  • Under / Over pressure alarm.
  • Fast Response.
  • Precise operation.
  • Pressure indicator.
  • Two set point alarm indication.
  • Four digit display for pressure.
  • Compact panel mounting.
  • Compact DIN size.
  • Noise free performance.


DISPLAY  Four digit 0.5" red digital display for process variable ( BAR ) or the set point value ( lower set point and upper set point ).
INPUT Pressure sensor type.
OUTPUT SPDT relay contact rated at 230 V AC 0.5 A non-inductive load.
KEYS Two push-pull keys to programme the limits and reset the alarm condition.
Power supply 240 VAC 10%, 50Hz.
Ambient 0C  to  45C.
Power consumption 4 VA.
Case Aluminum extruded powder coated body with plastic die-cast bezel.
Terminals  D type 9 pin and 15 pin connectors.
Bezel Size 96 X 96 mm.
Depth 160 mm.
Panel Cut-out 92 X 92 mm.