This is an advanced, micro-controller based, versatile temperature controller. The controller provides direct thyristor firing, relay control and 0-20 mA output. It also provides safety measures which includes cooling relay and alarm relay. It incorporates dual digital display, five membrane keys, LED indications for relays and data lock out key. It ensures energy saving through fast response phase control power output.

    Smart Therm PID - 1105



  • Microprocessor Controller.
  • Direct Thyristor Firing Pulse Output.
  • Data Lockout Facility.
  • Multiple Outputs.
  • Dual Digital display of setpoint and process variable..
  • PC Interface facility.
  • Single Input, Multi Purpose output facilities.
  • Unique safety precautions.
  • Non-volatile memory.
  • Smooth temperature measurement.
  • Auto / Manual bumpless transfer.
  • Autotuned preset PID Parameter with locking facility.
  • Easy panel mounting.
  • Robust construction.
  • Direct thyristor firing pulse output.


  • Dual display.

  • Four digit 0.5" red digital for process variable.

  • Five digit 0.3" red digital for parameter set point and percentage output power.

  • Individual red LED's to indicate the programme mode, data lock out status, for heat cool and alarm relay and, for auto/manual of operation.

  • Membrane key board.

  • Easy view of process temperature and set temperature.

  • Auto/Manual key for auto or manual process.

  • User friendly process parameter setting.

  • Thermocouple types J/K.

  • Cold junction compensation for thermocouple input.

  • RTD PT-100(optional).

    Calibration accuracy 0.5% of span.
    Temperature range 0C to 1200C.
Analogue 0 to 20 mA into 250E (max.).
Heating SPST contacts of relay rated for 0.5A, non-inductive at 230 V AC for Heating.
Cooling SPST contacts of relay rated for 0.5A, non-inductive at 230 V AC for Cooling.
Alarm SPDT contacts of relay rated for 0.5A, non-inductive at 230 V AC for Alarm.
Thyristor control Synchronized pulse output for back to back connected thyristor.
Computer interface Optional.
  • Lower limiting value related to set value.
  • Upper limiting value related to set value. 

Hysterisis band

Percentage of span


00.01 to 99.99 minutes


00.01 to 99.99 minutes

Cycle time

00.00 to 9999 seconds

Cooling band

Percentage of span

Power supply 240 V AC 10%, 50Hz.
Ambient 0C to 45C.
Power consumption 4 VA.
Case Aluminium extruded powder coated body with plastic die-cast bezel.
Terminals Barrier screw type. Can accept upto 2.5 mm. wire.
Bezel size 96(w) x 96(H) mm.
Depth  160 mm.
Panel Cut-Out 92 x 92 mm.