This is a miniaturized micro- controller based temperature controller. The digital indication of the actual  temperature and set temperature is shown by a common three digit display. The display also provides indication for relay status and set-point parameters.

This digital temperature controller is available in two versions viz; "MINITHERM PID 2001(V)" i.e. vertical model and type "MINITHERM PID 2001(H)" i.e. horizontal model. These temperature controllers have the cooling system to bring down the temperature to the require temperature level, if there is an overshoot.



MiniTherm PID- 2001



  • Micro-controller based SMD Technology.
  • Miniature design - 1/2 DIN.
  • Dual Heat Cool PID Action.
  • Membrane Keypad.
  • Micro-controller based miniaturized temperature controller.
  • Rugged construction.
  • Industrially proven technology.
  • Panel-mounting type, 1/2 DIN cut-out.
  • Non-volatile memory.
  • SMD Technology.


  • Three digit 0.3" red digital display for process variable, set-point and parameter type.

  • One digit 0.3" red display for Heat, Cool and set-point indication.

  • LED indication on SET key for programme / run mode.


Membrane key board for programming and operating the controller.

  • Thermocouple types J, K.

  • RTD PT 100.

  • Cold junction compensation for thermocouple input.

Calibration accuracy 0.5% of span.
Temperature range 0C to 1200C.
OUTPUT Two relay output, one for Heat and one for Cool, rated at 230 VAC 0.5A (non-inductive load.)
Power supply 240 VAC 10%, 50Hz.
Ambient 0C to 45C.
Power consumption 3 VA.
Case Aluminium extruded powder coated body with plastic die-cast bezel.
Terminals Barrier screw type. Can accept upto 2.5 mm. wire.
Bezel size 96(w) x 48(H) mm.
Depth  130 mm.
Panel Cut-Out 92 x 44 mm.