This micro- controller based 6-channel PID controller, utilizes the technology to improve the reliability, accuracy and control of process temperatures. It is a multi-channel, multi-function controller. It incorporates six-digit display, six-key operations and output relay status indication. All programmed data is stored in a non-volatile memory. This specially designed, temperature controller can be used in all processes, requiring multimode regulation with different regulating parameters. It can be used as under:

1. Six heater controls with six thermocouple inputs.
2. Four heater controls plus two alarms ( with four Thermocouple inputs ).
3. Three heater plus three blower controls ( Heat/cool application ).
4. Two heater and two blower controls.
5. Four heater and one heater plus one blower control.

Turbo Therm PID- 6000



  • Micro-controller based.
  • Multi-channel Multifunction Controller.
  • Compact Design ( DIN Size ).
  • Six Individual ID Temperature Controls.
  • Membrane Key Pad.
  • Intelligent fault messages.
  • Drift free temperature measurement.
  • DIN cut-out.
  • Non-volatile memory.
  • Rugged construction.
  • Hold/scrolling display for channels.
  • Panel mounting.


  • Six digit display to indicate the channel number and process variable or set-point value.

  • Overshoot and undershoot indication of process temperature for all channels.

  • Individual LED's to indicate relay status.

  • To view the process value for respective channels.

  • To programme / view temperature set points.

  • To programme / view PID parameters.

  • To hold the display for a particular channel.

  • To display the process value of all channels in a cyclic manner.

  • Thermocouple types J, K.

  • RTD PT 100.

  • Cold junction compensation for thermocouple input.

Calibration accuracy 0.5% of span.
Fault measures Thermocouple break analog failure indication.
Temperature range 0C to 1200C.
OUTPUT Six relay related rated at 230 V AC  :  500mA (non-inductive load).
  • Upper limiting value related to set value.
  • Lower limiting value related to set value.
  • A unique facility to lock the parameters after setting.
Proportional band percentage of set point.
Integral Reset 00.01 to 99.99 minutes.
Derivative Rate 00.01 to 99.99 minutes.
Cyclic time 1 to 25 seconds.
INSTRUMENT CONFIGURATION DIP SWITCH A four way DIP switch to configure the controller in any one, out of the eight operating modes.
Power supply 240 V AC  10%, 50Hz.
Ambient 0C to 45C.
Power consumption 5 VA.
Case Aluminium extruded powder coated body with plastic die-cast bezel.
Terminals Barrier screw type. Can accept upto 2.5 mm. wire.
Bezel size 96(w) x 96(H) mm.
Depth  160 mm.
Panel Cut-Out 92 x 92 mm.