This is a modular thyristor controlled DC drive for variable speed regulation of a DC motor, using the latest SMD technology for a high degree of industrial reliability. This series is of a modular construction and is a heavy duty thyristorized drive with all built-in necessary requirements for a DC motor speed control. Thyreg-M series are modules are available from 0.5 KW to 150 KW in three different sizes and voltage ranges. They are single phase half / full controlled modules, ( four quadrant ) and three phase solid state fully controlled six thyristor module in a compact panel mounting construction. Necessary protection are annunciated through miniature LED indications with a facility to connect a fault indicator.


Thyreg- M -->picture1


They use the advanced HALL sensors for DC current sensing. The drives are very rugged and guaranteed for continuous performance in abnormal ambient temperature and voltage transients condition. It incorporates built-in solid state potentiometer with a non volatile memory and tension control in PI facility for tension control appliances.


  • Isolated Thyristor Modules.
  • Automatic Armature feedback on Tacho failure.
  • Over current protection and alarm.
  • Field failure protection.
  • Phase and sequence fail protection.
  • External blower trip protection.
  • Built in solid state potentiometer.
  • Over temperature protection.
  • External enable.
  • Remote operation.
  • Industrial grade SMD components.
  • Acceleration/Deceleration for bumpless operation.
  • Easy and quick connect construction with reliable connectors.
  • Built in PI action for Tension Control.


INPUT Single phase/ Three phase 10%, 50Hz.
OUTPUT Fully controlled rectified output.

Tacho / Armature.

  • 0.5Kw to 150Kw ( modular ).

  • 100 Kw to 400Kw ( Panel mounting ).

DIMENSIONS Aluminium extruded powder coated body with plastic die-cast bezel.
Thy Reg M- 003K (0.5 - 3 kW) 200 x 150 mm.  

Thyreg- M -->picture2

Thy Reg M- 005k (1.5 - 5 kW) 200 x 200 mm.  

Thyreg- M-->picture3

Thy Reg M- 150k (5 - 150 kW) 200 x 400 mm.  

Thyreg- M-->picture4